Update: Week Seven

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Hi all! If I had a dollar for every email I sent this week, I would have a few hundred dollars.

I will keep this update short, seeing as I am currently on a plane flying home to Los Angeles. I have a small surgery coming up soon, and I am just trying to be as productive as humanly possible to prepare for the few days I will not able able to do much of anything. Hence the reason I bought the $19 inflight WiFi, so I can send emails and make Instagram graphics and update Tabroom settings and so on during this precious eight-or-so hours.

This week has been all about promoting the tournament. We have a handful of signups. Of course I would like for there to be more, so I could stop stressing over if anyone is going to enter the tournament, but I am extremely grateful for the people who have entered. I would have liked to push the petition some more this week, but my capacity to promote stuff is very much a zero-sum game. There are only so many hours in the day. We did hit 200 signatures though which was very exciting.

To summarize the activity of this week, we launched the promotion of the tournament, began a dialogue with several coaches across the nation about accessibility and possibly entering the tournament, met to discuss a partnership with another speech and debate organization, sent a bunch on Instagram DMs to speech and debate affiliated accounts, had a few meetings, and sent hundreds of emails to coaches inviting them to the tournament.

A random note: I write these update to create a record of the progress of 1AC and also to provide transparency to our supporters. I know reading blog posts is not the most popular way to interact with the internet, I just want this information to be here for anyone who is curious about what it is that our organization does. This is why I also include a little about the day-to-day difficulties and stress that goes into this work.

To any readers: I would deeply appreciate if you took a moment to check your calendars, and see if you are doing anything on August 7th - August 8th. We need volunteers judges, participants, and volunteer Tabroom officials. You can read more about the tournament here.

The upcoming work for the next week is to get back to posting on Instagram (I slipped a bit this week), keep finding coaches to send tournament invites to, and try and generate some more participants and judges.

See y'all next week,


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