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Update: Week One

Image description: bright green hills with green trees surrounding the Potomac River. The sky is blue and clear.

Hello all! Alanna here. This is the first blog post for 1AC ever. How exciting. I plan on writing weekly updates on the work, so people can know what is going on with the organization. Well, this was week one, so the work this week has been very fundamental.

The biggest task this week was getting the website up and running. If you are reading this, that means it finally got done. It has been a challenge to figure out the formatting. There is a balance I would like to find between aesthetic and accessible design. Not so much of a balance actually. Accessibility is not something I ever plan on compromising on. But the design choices on this website are made then I go back, and I re-edit them to be more accessible. There are so many things to keep in mind: the weight and size of the fonts needs to be just right, the contrast needs to be high, the layout needs to be clean and intuitive. I am not the best graphic designer, but I try my best, I promise. If there is ever a design issue you notice, dear reader, please let me know and email

Compiling the resources page was unexpectedly difficult as well. I want to showcase work from the widest variety of people possible while also making sure the content is interesting, easily consumable, and covers the basics of disability theory. I love the selections on the website, but I also feel like I need to add more. Not quite sure what. Again, if you have any ideas, I would love to receive an email. I really want this whole organization to be a collaborative work.

The laundry list of things I did this week includes starting the petition, creating Google Forms for participant feedback and interest in the tournament we will host, starting the website, creating our email, making the linktree, writing the mission statement and more (not necessarily in that order).

I am also working with a very kind graphic designer who has volunteered to create our logo. Bryant Hill, you are appreciated deeply! It is wonderful people like him that make our work possible.

In conclusion, it is summer here in Washington, DC. There are trillions of cicadas. The other day it was nearly 80 degrees and raining with lightning. It is an odd experience all around. But I am excited to see what week two will bring.


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