Our Instagram is Up!

Image description: Instagram bio of our page, @1ac.cessibility. Bio reads "An organization dedicated to making speech and debate a more accessible activity for all."

Long story short: The Instagram is up and running. The handle is @1ac.cessibiliity. The link to our page is here.

If you were to follow the page, it would be greatly appreciated. The more people support us online, the more ethos we carry when we approach the governing organizations. Following the Instagram is also a great way to stay up to date with what we are doing.

Before we can approach governing organizations there are a few things to do. I see three things that need to be done before first contact. We need a cohesive document with our case clearly laid out. Also, we need to gather all of the fifty state governing organizations' and national organizations' contact info and create an email list. Finally, and perhaps more importantly, we need to build of the support of the speech and debate community.

Following our Instagram and signing our petition is one way of helping us make change.

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